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Cyberattack Prevention and Endpoint Security

Teacher’s College, Columbia University
Written By: Adi Anand
Chief Security Officer Teacher’s College, Columbia University
March, 2019

“The clear differentiation of working with Centrinel was the ease of partnering without a cumbersome sales process. They gathered the business requirements from my team, we agreed on what the desired outcome would be, then they facilitated the workload so I didn’t have to. Design, pricing, architecture, negotiations—this was all handled by them with excellence.”


Centrinel Enables Infrastructure Refresh Initiative

Written By: Dustin Brandt
America’s Test Kitchen
Director of IT May, 2018

“I recently worked with Centrinel on an infrastructure refresh initiative for my company. With an aging server fleet and ever-increasing storage requirements, we needed to re-architect our systems to provide the best possible value, performance, capacity and simplified management that would set us up to reliably and predictably scale over the next several years.”

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SphereNY Beats Quotes By Cutting Reseller Markups

Written By: Sean Hamilton
Director of Technology
August, 2018

“This is such a great service. By using Centrinel, I realized there is no reason to pay another reseller extra margin just to pass paper. I asked for pricing and my quotes came back at two points above their cost. They showed me the pricing from the manufacturer line by line, and there was no confusion. The best part is their approach to deal registrations and how they protect the end-user with their unique process.”


Imagine Software Better Evaluates Deals with Transparent Pricing

Imagine Software
Written By: Glenn Rhines
Director of Systems
June, 2018

“When I heard about this service, I was excited because after being in IT for over 20 years it still frustrates me that I never know if I am truly getting a good deal on larger projects. You can google part numbers by themselves, and even CDW has some reference pricing, but you can never breakdown an entire solution and truly know what is a good deal and what isn’t. The back and forth pricing games just waste time (and money). I just want a fair and market-rate deal right upfront. I do not have to have the lowest price on every deal, just fair pricing on every deal.”

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Etsy Reduces Time & Effort of Solution Research

Written By: Tim Korn
Staff Network Engineer
May, 2018

“David and Centrinel saved me tons of time and headache. My company had a need for a very unique IT solution, but we didn’t really have the time or resources to read articles, comb over datasheets, speak to peers, get on the phone with manufacturers, etc.”

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